Serpentine Valley Outfitters
Serpentine Valley Outfitters

Serpentine Valley Outfitters is a Newfoundland Company owned and operated by two life-long friends. Both individuals are avid hunters and anglers and have a thorough knowledge of the area, having fished the Serpentine river valley for most of their adult lives.

Our guides are highly qualified individuals who can put you on to some of the best fly-fishing for Atlantic Salmon or Sea-run Trout that Newfoundland has to offer.

Newfoundland is home to 60% of North America's Salmon Rivers. In fact it has more Salmon Rivers than the remainder of Atlantic Canada and the United States combined.

The lodge is located on the north shore of Serpentine Lake which is just 50m above sea level. Rising steeply behind the lodge are the rugged and beautiful Blow-me-down mountains. In the foreground is the Lewis Hills mountain range which contains the highest point in this province. Atlantic Salmon and sea-run trout, Newfoundland, Canada

Splitting these two mountain ranges is the Serpentine river which carved it's way through the picturesque Serpentine Valley, forming a lush green oasis of flora and fauna. The Serpentine River has been known to produce Salmon in excess of 20lbs. Serpentine Valley Outfitters Newfoundland is still one of the very few places left in North America where you can catch these fighting beauties.

Serpentine valley outfitters
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